Why old-stone-temporal woman pictures are still so important for us women today

Our stone-temporal ancestresses with the continuous figurativ structure, independently of the range of variation of their proportions, looks very centered, resting in their middle.Later woman idols with shifted axles, Po shifted far backward (question mark figure) or elegantly with change supporting leg and no supporting leg. In the mirror axle (Symetrieaxle) the ancestress figures are balanced with their right and left side. Stone time women work with their straight back. Round, full and slim forms, young, girlful and old. They are symbols for the wholeness and self love.

We can go in meditation and into communication and have experience with them again. In conclusion from the interview with Gabriele J.: „I am sure, that, our word „meditation “, that is meaning to take something into your centre, is concretely and ritually patricide with these earliest woman pictures.

That is the function for which these figures are needed, exactly this format, this shape. Through touch to them, you will understand your and their bodies to feel their form inside ourselves and notice to be real, that is wonderful and welfare.

To touch her body, I will understand their and our bodies.



Source: „In-Bilder – Wiederbelebung altsteinzeitlicher Frauenbilder“ Interview from Gabriele Fischer, dancer with Gabriele Johannsmann, artist 1993. Übersetzung ins Englische: Katharina van den Bos.